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environmental plastic pouch zipper supplier in japan

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environmental  plastic pouch zipper supplier in japan       environmental  plastic pouch zipper supplier in japan

We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of plastic slider zipper around the globe. Please contact us for further information. We work with exceptionally talented people who create satisfying relationship through respect, trust and responsibility.

Many years' experience only focus on waterproof easy tear zipper muanufacture ,it is in our business policy to purvey best and take special care of client

Product Type Woven Badge,Woven Patch,Woven Label
Size Huge,small,mini, as per customer's specific requirement.
Quality Damask, taffeta, satin,reverse satin, polyester,cotton etc
Loom Type Needle Loom,Shuttle Loom,Broad Loom
Processing Heat cut/straght cut,endfold,mitre fold, centred fold or middle fold, ultrasonic cut,laser cut, cold cut, merrow(overlocking) border /edge
Backing iron -on backing/Heat seal backing, paper backing/Non woven backing, adhesive back, hook-and-loop fastener backing
Package Polybag + export carton. Mainly depending on Customers' special requirements
Lead time 3-7 days for sample,7-15 days for mass production or based on you quantity
Delivery TNT,DHL,UPS,Fedex or by air or shipping by our agent with cheapest way
Payment terms T/T,Paypal,West Union ,or by bank or 30% deposit,70% before delivery
Feature Recycle,eco-friendly,  durable and washable
Usage Covers a wide range of fields including clothing,footwear and hats,craft gifts,toys,cases and handbags,home furnishing,and children's wear,undershirt,bedding,children's toys in particular.

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we China based company, are a well established name, engaged in manufacturing, supplying, wholesaling, trading and importing a wide range of standard quality whole sale price plastic flange zipper dealer In our quality testing unit, we stringently examine each product in complete accordance with all the nationwide and worldwide industry quality parameters.

We merge the research, design, production, sales and marketing. We are proficient in producing whole sale price extruder machine muanufacture and other related tasks. Our company is certified ISO9001-2000 for international quality management system authentication. We will keep striving. To strengthen the internal management, we will bring in high-diathesis professionals from both national and international countries. We strive to participate in the global competition with a proactive posture and rich strength to deliver better products for customers. Our company offers superior products at reasonable prices, as well as satisfying services. We welcome your visit and look forward to seeing you.

We are an integrated lighting enterprise that focuses on research, development and production. Pvcwhole Sale Plastic Slider Zipper For Pet Food Bag products. The main products of the company are: wholesale plastic pouch zipper for food packaging Products.
and overseas storage centers. Price for velcro zipper are exported into more than 50 countries throughout Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
Africa, South America. We offer OEM ODM, and other PVC plastic pouch zipper wholesaler services for customer.

We specialize in the production of Price for string zipper for bags and other products. We are proud to have a strong technical group, sophisticated production equipment, top quality professional talents, humanizing business concept, strict quality supervision system, and a strict quality control system to ensure human error avoidance. Professional personnel are available to detect the products and ensure they comply with the standards of environmental protection. We do not focus on the past, but look to the future. We have won the trust and the identity of customers, and formed a good reputation in the industry by outstanding quality, reasonable price, sincere service, We uphold the enterprise culture core idea to establish a close partner relationship with large enterprises in home and abroad, and creates the first brand.

To maintain our client's trust, we manufacture an excellent range Waterproof Customized Plastic Zipper Runner For Pet Food Bag these products is passed through the hands skilled professionals, efficient, and quality-assured products. These products can be customized to meet the needs of our customers.

Qualified plastic slider zipper goods of China supplier for international and nearby trade organization.Becoming the top goods of our factory,our waterproof easy tear zipper muanufacture products series happen to be tested and won us qualified authority certifications. Please click the button for more information.

environmental plastic pouch zipper supplier Application Industries

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environmental plastic pouch zipper supplier Specification

environmental plastic pouch zipper supplier in japan For Sale

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Customized recycled easy tear zipper machine zipper muanufacture

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Tokyo Kanagawa Prefecture Niigata Prefecture Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture Fukui Prefecture Yamanashi Nagano
Gifu Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Mie Prefecture
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Nara Prefecture Wakayama Prefecture Tottori Prefecture Shimane Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture Yamaguchi Prefecture Tokushima Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture Ehime Prefecture Kochi Fukuoka
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Fujimino Chiba Choshi city Ichikawa city
Funabashi city Tateyama Kisarazu Matsudo
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